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antithesis commonly implies just "opposite". As a result, fight is normally that antithesis about calmness, huge selection is this antithesis connected with low income, and additionally love is certainly the particular antithesis with can't stand. Thus, world war is definitely typically the antithesis about serenity, wealth is without a doubt the actual antithesis of poverty, and also like can be the particular antithesis with can't stand.
Antithesis Explanation
Antithesis (Greek for the purpose of "setting opposite", by ἀντί "against" and also θέσις "placing") will be utilized during creating or language also simply because a new proposal that will contrasts with the help of or perhaps reverses a few recently brought up proposal, or perhaps when two opposites usually are unveiled together pertaining to different effect.
Antithesis Distinction. Antithesis, which pretty much usually means “opposite,” is normally some sort of rhetorical unit inside of which a few opposite suggestions are actually placed together within the phrase to help accomplish the another impression.

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